ExamiNation & Counters

Date: 23.03.2020

Start: 18:30 (duration: ~120 minutes)

Hall: ARENA 6


  • Counters (Ka-un-teo-seu)
  • ExamiNation

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Year :
Country :
Korea, Japan
Languages :
Subtitles :
English, Français
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In Japan, certain ultra-nationalist movements spread hate speeches against Japanese people of Korean origin. In the face of these extremists, men and women mobilise against these messages of hate. These are the Counters. Most of them are peaceful... but not Takahashi, a former yakuza boss. Over five years, the documentary filmmaker followed this anti-racist group and its contradictions.

Year :
Country :
Korea, United States
Languages :
Korean, English
Subtitles :
English, Français
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Screened before Counters, the short film by Judy Suh is a documentary on the Suneung, the entrance examination for the most prestigious universities in South Korea. This 8-hour exam is so famous that it dictates a culture and a lifestyle for the whole country. It’s very simple: almost all Korean high school students attempt it. For the whole day, the entire country holds its breath.